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Breathe easier … while driving

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Give yourself a breath of fresh air — a cabin air filter will make summer driving healthier and more enjoyable for you and your family.
With so much attention given to allergy season, asthma, smog and “bad air days,” a cabin air filter should be on the top of consumers’ minds when thinking about a product to protect the air that they and their families breathe, especially considering how much time is spent inside a vehicle.

The air inside your vehicle may be the poorest quality air you breathe all day, and can be up to six times dirtier than the air outside. The vehicles in front of your car can create an “exhaust gas tunnel” that pulls exhaust gases, pollen, mould and dust into the passenger cabin through the air vent in a concentrated form.

A cabin air filter is a filter for the air you breathe inside your vehicle. The filter protects from pollen, spores, dust, bacteria and fumes. A cabin air filter not only removes a wide range of pollutants, but also the odors that come with them. Additionally, a cabin air filter helps to protect the performance of your air conditioning system.

Is this important to the general public? According to a recent study by Dohring Co., one of North America’s largest providers of market research to the retail automotive community, 95% of respondents are concerned about air pollutants within their vehicle. Additionally, after being made aware of the benefits of a cabin air filter, 82% of respondents said that they would be willing to pay extra for the added value of having a cabin air filter inside their vehicle.

Half of new vehicles (2001 and later model years) have a cabin air filter. Many commuters don’t realize the filter is even there, much less if it needs to be changed. This means that a lot of people are driving around with a clogged or saturated air filter that is restricting air flow into the passenger cabin of their vehicle.
Cabin air filters need to be checked or changed on a yearly basis. Similar to an air filter, every 16,000 km or yearly is an average service interval, depending on the quality of air where you live.

Most cabin air filters are located behind the glove box inside the car, and can be changed in 5-10 minutes. Complete installation instructions are included with each Micron Air cabin air filter. Micron Air, which supplies 60% of the world’s OEM cabin air filters, is available at Canadian Tire stores.

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