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Filtration Glossary of Terms

Anti-Drain Gasket/Valve (Engine Oil Filters) – Prevents oil from flowing back out of the oil filter, through the inlet holes, when the engine is shut off. Axial seal (Air) – Utilizes a gasket to maintain a seal on the outlet end of the air cleaner housing. Bottom Assembly – Assembles tapping plate and bottom ring. Bottom Ring – Provides a groove for the sealing gasket and a flange for lockseaming to the filter body. Capacity – The amount of contaminant that will be collected on a filter before specified restriction level is reached. Centertube – Provides structural support to the center of the media to prevent media collapse. CFM – Measurement of air flow in cubic feet per minute. Dust Concentration – Expresses the mass of dust in a specified volume of air. End Cap / End Disks – Encloses the filtration media on its ends. External Gasket – Creates seal with engine mounting base when installed. Filter Body / Can – Outer shell of the filter. Filter Cartridge – Assembly consisting of the filter media, end disks/cap, adhesive and centertube. Inner Liner – See “Centertube”. Life – The amount of time or number of miles the filter was in use before it was removed from service. Media – Material that removes contaminants. One-Stage Air Cleaner – dust removal system for intake air with a filter element only. Overall Efficiency (Air) – The percentage of contaminant removed from intake air. Pressure drop – Pressure on the clean side minus pressure on the dirty side. Primary Air Filter / Outer Element – element that removes around 99.9% of the air’s dust. The air flows through the primary filter first. Radial Seal (Air) – Utilizes urethane end caps to maintain a seal on the inner diameter of the filter and the outside area of the outlet tube. Relief Valve / Bypass Valve – Relieves excess differential pressure. Restriction – Resistance to flow. Retainer / Spring – Exerts pressure on the filter cartridge to the bottom assembly, maintaining an internal seal. Safety (Secondary) Air Filter / Inner Element – Optional filter that protects the engine during service of the primary filter and in case of a leak in the primary filter. Tapping Plate – Portion of the filter that contains the threads. Two-Stage Air Cleaner – dust removal system for intake air with a built-in pre-cleaner and an element. For additional information, contact: Filter Manufacturers Council P.O. Box 13966 Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-3966 Phone: 919/549-4800 Fax: 919/549-4824 www.filtercouncil.org Administered by Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association

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